Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Central Time Zone Once Again

We got back home after midnight last night. Our flights from LAX, through Salt Lake City and Minneapolis, to Aberdeen, were a little later than scheduled, and a bit bumpy, but otherwise uneventful. We actually had enough time to get to our gate at MSP without running, which is rare indeed.

It was clear and chilly in Utah, and the view of Salt Lake City as we departed was spectacular. After that, we were in clouds, so the descent (and takeoff) from Minneapolis was less gorgeous, but welcome just the same.

Yesterday morning, I wore capris and sandals and walked a couple of hilly miles to, and through, the beautiful campus of Cal State Channel Islands. This morning, it's 18 degrees and windy, and I will exercise on the treadmill, whenever I get around to exercising. It's good to be home, but it was hard to leave.

SoCal is beautiful, with an almost unnerving cloudless sky and lack of bugs. Of the many (and I do mean many- my scales do not lie) new (to me) wonderful things we ate and drank while in Camarillo, one of the best was champagne with a wild hibiscus flower.

Also, Trader Joe's Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches, for which I cannot find a link or a pic. Trust me- you want one.

So, today I'm reacclimating, and tomorrow I go to work. It was sad to leave son and family, but it's good to be home (even if it is cold), and exciting to start a new book. But first, Monday night's episode of Heroes.

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Anonymous said...

welcome back to the frigid north!