Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Winter Wonderland

I don't need a thermometer to tell me when the air temp is below zero- a quick sniff will tell me one way or the other. This morning, the air was above zero, but the wind chills certainly weren't. However, the sky was blue and the sun was shining, and frost etched the trees. So I dressed up, went outside, and took a few quick pics.

The South Dakota prairie

is starkly beautiful at all times, but especially so in the winter.

The creek has frozen over

and is too big to get in a single shot.

The house looks very different from this angle,

and even the cleanup is beautiful in its own way.


Geek Knitter said...

I live in the southern end of a valley. There are hills and mountains everywhere I look. Whenever I see the plains I am just blown away by how BIG they are... there's so much space, it just takes my breath.

knitterbeader said...

What beautiful photos you've had on your blog of late! We're not getting much white stuff so far this winter here in western Washington. I just received your Big Book of Socks and took it to Staples this afternoon to have it cut and wire bound. It's beautiful, lays flat and I'm going to be reading page-for-page this evening!!!