Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Hookin'

Before I get to the terrible pun, I want to take a moment to praise modern dentistry. I know that we all hate to go (I do my share of complaining, and needles make my tummy feel funny), but for a month, I've been dealing with a toothache that just wouldn't go away. I wasn't avoiding seeing the dentist, I was just waiting for my regular appt next week to deal with it. Unfortunately, the tooth refused to wait that long (think migraine in the jaw) and yesterday my wonderful dentist made room in his very busy schedule to pull the tooth. I can't begin to tell you all how much better I feel- I was in and out in an hour, and this lack of pain thing is amazing. I didn't realize how much it hurt until it stopped. I suppose I won't be as thrilled next week for my regular cleaning and a small filling, but right now? It's Woohoo for Dentists in this house.

Okay, back to lame jokes. I finished the little Snowman rug hooking kit that I won at last year's NCFF from Tracy Kellen, of On The Prairie Rugs (her etsy shop seems to have disappeared, but I know she was planning to list more stuff, so I think I'm just looking in the wrong place. I'll post a link as soon as I find one). My hooking is nowhere near as neat and uniform as it should be, but this little guy looks good just the same. I love his bemused expression.

The instructions say to glue the wool backing in place, but I sewed it instead (tucking the raw edges in on the way around). I think the only real difference between sewing and gluing (besides poking my finger several times) is that the outer edge might not be quite as stable without glue to stiffen it. Even so, I am more than happy with how this came out, even though it took me an entire year to finish it.

It's not taking me as long to finish the kit from Tracy's rug hooking class. My loops are getting better- more even and more uniform, though the loop height is variable (something you can't see as well in this picture). I just have two corners to finish, but my hoop wasn't big or sturdy enough. I'll have to finish those edges without a hoop. I'll get the hooking done tonight, and probably the backing sewn on as well (unless I decide to glue the backing). Have I mentioned that Tracy hand-dyes all of her wools?

I was enthusiastic enough about the process to buy some materials from Tracy for my own designs- a half yard of Monk's Cloth for backing, and a bundle of red wools (for a ladybug motif, of course). I do wish I had asked Tracy to cut the wool into 1/4" strips for me. I can do it with my rotary cutter, but they won't be nearly as crisp and neat as the ones she cuts.

Speaking of NCFF purchases (I kept to my vow, btw- no new fiber or yarn... well, except for the teeny little batt from Dragon Craft to go with the one I won... but that hardly counts), I forgot to show you these nifty fridge magnets that I got from JL Yarnworks. She also sells my favorite stitch markers, makes great little crocheted earrings, crafts necklaces from scrabble tiles, and dyes absolutely gorgeous sock yarns. Check her store out.
Edited to add: And Jackie uses good, strong magnets- these are not just decorative, they're functional!

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Mary Keenan said...

rotary cutter! I've got one of those - you know, if I had skill and/or knew how to hook a rug, I'm pretty sure I have all the tools I need now.

LOVE the magnets and definitely need some - there are even more designs in the shop so lots of choosing to do ;^)

Good news re. the lack of tooth pain! and though it's sad to lose a tooth altogether, it sounds a lot less agonizing than a root canal, ugh.