Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Novacaine Wednesday...

Yep, more dental procedures. More needles. More drooling. I'm hoping that this is the last one for awhile.

While I wait for the numbness to fade, here's my progress on the rug-hooked seat cushion:
I'm not going to have enough of the olive green to finish the last portion of that hill, so it'll have other greens in there (it's Folk Art, it doesn't have to match). I think I'll do the tree trunk next, so that the halves meet up.

The back looks cool too, though you can see a couple of spots where I crossed-over, which is a no-no. However, Blog Commenter Fran pointed out that there are *those who find exuberant mis-matches to be Art as well. I love those people.

And for Joanna- I am very much looking forward to parking my read end on this thing- it'll be so much more comfy than a plain folding chair.

*Deanne Fitzpatrick


Ruth said...

Are you using yarn or strips from wool fabric? I'm loving watching this come together. It's charming.

Kathleen Taylor said...

Not for this one, Ruth. I used wool strips for the first 2 small kits that I hooked, but for this chair cushion, I'm using handspun yarn. In some ways it's easier, though I have to deal with differing widths in the yarns (and sometimes doubling or tripling them).