Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday- Gardens of the World, and Point Mugu

We went to Thousand Oaks today, to the Gardens of the World, which is amazing and well worth the visit, even though the car thermometer read 109 when we left the place. I took many beautiful pictures, but this one says it best:
a single water lily in the koi pond at the Japanese Garden.

After we left the Gardens of the World, we went back to Camarillo, which was all of 10 miles away, where the temp was 78. The power of the ocean is amazing.

After supper, we drove to the beach, and climbed this hill. It's every bit as high and steep as it looks.

The Hub found out that there can be sharp things under the sand (warning for the weak of stomach: that's a bloody skin flap with lots of sand underneath).
We slogged our way to the top of the dune, but not to the top of the rocks. I had been used to thinking of myself as being in marginally good shape for an Old Broad. This trek disabused me of that notion pretty quickly.  And then we sat and watched the sun set over the Pacific.

It was worth the climb.

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joannamauselina said...

Hope you took the hub to the doctor for that foot. You don't want to mess with diabetic feet. They are fragile in many ways, and a small thing on the foot can be the beginning of something big. Joanna RN
PS. I don't like sounding like an alarmist, but it really is better safe than sorry.