Monday, September 20, 2010

NCFF- Day 3, Part 2

And to wrap up the weekend, lots of pictures.

But first, I want to give a shout-out to the organizers of NCFF. I look forward to this weekend every year, and the festival gets better each time. It feels like it runs seamlessly, and that does not happen without a lot of hard (invisible) work. And I have a fantastic time each and every year, and that surely is not an accident. Thank you all, for all your time and effort.

So to the pics:
A few of the Fiber Sandwich entries. The Fiber Sandwich consisted of many different donated fibers, mixed and spread out, and then divided into lumps and given to individual spinners, who could spin them any way they wanted to.

The many variations were totally amazing.

Mine didn't come out exactly as I'd hoped (I wanted more *boucle*), but it was still okay. The skeins were silent-auctioned off, and the proceeds went to charity.

The Dragon Craft booth- spindle heaven.

Rug Hooking inspiration from On The Prairie Rugs.

And more...

Here's what I did with that inspiration. Nowhere near perfect, but not bad for a newbie.

The backs look cool too.

In addition to the Fiber Sandwich skein, I also spun a hank of Rambo/Cottswold, self-striping roving (which I washed and dyed, and had processed a couple of years ago). It's 3.2 ozs, and 91 yards. Not quite enough for a sock, but I have some sort of matching yarn for toes and heels (and enough R/C to spin another skein). The other yarn is the spindle-spun prize wool from Dragon Crafts (half prize, the other half purchased). It's 1.2 ozs and 46 yards, which is not enough for an entire project, but I have enough yarn in a similar weight/coordinating color to fill out a pair of fingerless mittens, I think.

This lady showed me a pair of socks that she was knitting from The Big Book of Socks. I'm sorry the shot is a little fuzzy- I love seeing my designs in the wild.

I bought these headbands from the Inca Crafts booth. I think The Grands will be delighted.

This was another prize- I think The Grands will also love it. I didn't see who donated it though, so I don't know who to thank. It's beautifully made.

But this is the prize that touched my heart. I was surprised and thrilled to learn that the Hitchcock sweater had been given such an honor.

So, one wonderful Fiber Festival down (where I was recognized as much by my Rav pin/name as I was by the sweater I was wearing, the Dakota Dreams prototype), and SAFF is on the horizon. No rest for the Fiber Fanatics, which is just the way I like it.

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