Friday, September 17, 2010

NCFF- Day 1

I made it to Watertown in good time, and the motel let me check in early (woohoo!), so I was able to test-run the wifi (just to make sure). Even with a little side trip to the internet, I got to the extension center early enough to learn just how much the NCFF organizers work to make the weekend look seamless. I helped put tables up, and watched them map out the vendor area.
There's gonna be a lot more people (and yarn) here by tomorrow morning.

I have no idea what to make of this sign.

How cool are these? Teachers get one set, others are available for $2 @. I think I'll buy several.

If I hadn't been scheduled to teach, I would have taken this class- a Shibori Indigo Dyeing class.
But I was expected elsewhere.
Dori, Allen, Mary, and Mariah expected me to be there.

also Brandi and Karen (who is from my knitting group).
They were all genius students, especially Allen who made a mistake that I didn't catch early enough, and had to tear his entire hat out and start over, and he wasn't even crabby about it. (I would have cried.)

I snapped this shot at about 5 hours and 15 minutes... we were all a little punchy, but we persevered. Mariah (on the far right) actually finished her hat at exactly 8:00pm! She's only the 2nd student in the history of this class to finish a hat in 6 hours! These wonderful knitters were such self-starters that I actually finished my hat too (also a first). I'd post a pic but the camera is put away already, and I'm having a drink. I'll take a pic tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I'm doing a 2 hour class on writing patterns for publication, and then I get the rest of the day to play. It promises to be wonderful. I'll take pics.

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