Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monday Misc

(note: I was off on another page entirely, when I realized that today is Tuesday. It's going to be that kind of day, I fear)

There isn't a whole lot going on here. Actually, there is tons going on (nearly all of it prep for SAFF workshops), but nothing upon which I can wax snarky (I'm fresh out of ink jokes). And very little of it is photogenic. However
I am making progress on the Horseshoe Lace sock. The lace pattern works perfectly with my generic sock pattern (60 sts on 2.75mm needles) and this yarn is yummy (wool/bamboo), but it won't photograph at all. I tried about six times to get a good shot (in all lights and several settings) to no avail. The colors wash out completely. Even scanning (which is what I did for the above) mutes the colors. The actual yarn is a nice springy green and purple, not that sort of blah brownish/greenish that shows in the scan. This project has been relegated to car knitting for the interim, however, because

I'm sort of obsessed with the hooked chair cushion cover. I was happy find out that I could move the hoop without pulling the loops out of place (which is a good thing, since the piece is larger all around than my biggest hoop). I've already had to adapt the design- the little stems and leaves, and the petal detail on the flowers just won't work. So instead, I'm aiming for that staple of Primitive Art: the amorphous blob. I think I have that one down pat.

On the TV front- I was really disappointed with the first episode of The Event, and nearly turned it off in boredom. But last night's installment ramped up the action, and interest. Let's hope they can maintain the momentum. And it's always wonderful to have Chuck Bartowski back on my screen.

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joannamauselina said...

I looked at your design yesterday when I was very tired, and thought it was nice. However when I looked again this morning (before work rather than after at midnight) I realized that it has sheep. Then I thought it was REALLY nice. Very, very attractive. One might be reluctant to desecrate such a lovely thing with one's bottom.