Sunday, December 5, 2010

Better late than never

I'm way behind on Christmas Everything this year, but my 3 helpers came over last night, and we got The Big Tree decorated.
The Big Tree holds all of the special ornaments, the pieces that I've collected over the years, many as gifts, many home made, others purchased on our travels. I usually put up a couple of theme trees (Santa, and Snowmen/Snowflake/Snowbabies) with ornaments bought only for the theme, with no particular family significance. But this year, I'm only putting up one. And if there is to be only one tree, it's this one.

We bought this topper back in 1971, for our first Christmas together. It cost $1.19, and we thought it was gorgeous and very grown up (we were 19 at the time). It's been used every Christmas since then, even though we've come to see that it's not quite as classy as we thought it was way back when. (Side note: if you do some math, you'll realize that we have A Pretty Big Anniversary coming up in Feb.- and they said it wouldn't last).
I made this little jointed  baby (she's about 1 1/2" tall) back  when I was doing ceramic and porcelain work. I had a kiln and lots of doll molds, which unfortunately were lost in a fire in the early 90's. Luckily, this sweetie was stored elsewhere at the time.

The Green Martini Mermaid is only a couple of years old- a gift from my friend Melanie. But she's a favorite, and she's always displayed front and center.
Less is never more on my tree. More is always better. The little ball ornaments were on my parents' first Christmas tree (which was also my first), which makes them reeeeeeely old. And very precious. My mom gave them to me on our first Christmas together because she didn't want them any more. Little did she know that she was handing over heirlooms. (I eventually divided them out among sisters, and the next generation, but I still kept some for myself).

I've been collecting Mt. St. Helen's Ornaments (mostly from The Glass Eye), ever since they went into production in the early 80's. I have quite a few now- all different from each other, and all beautiful. And heavy- you wouldn't want to be bonked with one.

I don't think I'll set out many other decorations, though The Grands did ask if I was going to dig out the carved Santas. And The Grands usually get whatever they want, so that'll be my job this afternoon.

In the meantime, as the snow begins to accumulate, I'm starting to feel a mite Holiday-ish, which is pretty darn nice.

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