Wednesday, December 8, 2010


It's not like I've been going anywhere (what with the ice and snow, and it only being about 6 degrees outside), but I still seem to be rushed these days, and way behind on my List of Important Things I Do Every Day, like post here.

I tackled the final Doll sweater with matching fingerless mittens (for both the doll and the Girl). I finished the other three sets long ago, but somehow got stuck on this one, with 1 1/2 sleeves and the front band left to knit. I finished the set last night while watching Mike Rowe butcher a cow (now there's an odd combo).
Frog Girl is getting this set for her doll (and herself). She dyed this yarn well over a year ago- it started out as one of Knit Picks sock blanks. I think I was working on the class samples for the '09 SAFF when it was dyed, and she helped me with that chore, so she got to choose her favorite colors to dye some yarn. If she was choosing these days, I think the yarn would be Neon Yellow and Orange. But she still has a soft spot for pink. I love how it came out, and I think she will too.

And I finished one of the Fortissima "Mexiko" socks (the quotation marks are not ironic- Fortissima's Socka line looks exactly like Opal's Mexiko yarns, and these socks are being knit specifically to replace a missing Opal version). I do love this yarn- and I'm happy that I'll have another pair with this colorway in my sock drawer.
Tomorrow- we have guest paper dolls! Woohoo!

p.s. Small health update: I finally finished the inhaler treatments, and I am feeling okay, not great. However okay is a vast improvement over the last two months, and I am more than happy with okay-ness. Now I just need to remember to take it easy, and rebuild my strength (and get back into running shape) steadily but slowly- I don't want to visit Relapseville.

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