Monday, December 20, 2010

O Hai, Winter!

There you are.
We've had below zero temps (though nothing terrible. I think -6 was our coldest) (that's F, btw), but not a lot of snow. That lack is being remedied even as I type. I'm glad I don't have go to anywhere today.

The recent cold and snowy weather gave me the perfect excuse to open the last bottle of the '05 Cinnamon Apple Wine. We haven't made any of this wine in the interim- I think I need to start a batch.

In a departure from my recent Holiday Baking Failures, the Cranberry Hootycreeks came out perfectly. And the name makes me giggle.

I finished the leftover socks, and love them. Luckily, they're not my size, or I'd be tempted not to wrap them up. 

I generally use my leftover yarns in patchwork socks, but there comes a point in every ball of yarn where even I have to admit that what's left is not sock-worthy (at least for someone who is anal about matching pairs). Those bits and pieces are set aside for hats. This simple beanie is being knit on size 2.75mm needles, and 140 sts. I'll knit 5 1/2", and then decrease (*K 12, K 2 tog* for the first decrease rnd). It's definitely going to be one-of-a-kind.

And today, I start the actual rewrites on my MG (as opposed to thinking about them for the last couple of weeks). Wish me luck.

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