Monday, December 27, 2010

The Day After the Day After

Even though I started my holiday prep late, I finished with time to spare (going Frugal helped). The Big Meal was as easy to put together as possible (our recent tradition is heating up a smoked turkey- absolutely delicious with no chance of ruining it). We had wonderful family time with the SoDak branch, and lots of quiet time too. Still, I was worn out yesterday, and did nothing much but knit and finish reading Stephen King's Full Dark, No Stars (very good, but very dark).
I completed Leftover Socks #2 before Christmas. Evidently, I am drawn to green and gold yarns- I have lots of leftover balls in these shades. This pair is slated for next Christmas- it's good to get started early (especially since The Big Tub O' Knitted Things is nearly empty).
I also finished Leftover Hat #2. These yarns are bits and pieces of old Knit Picks 100% Merino sock yarns- I don't think they even make this yarn any more- all of their current sock yarns are superwash with nylon. (The styrofoam head is child-sized, btw- the hat fits me perfectly).
 I love the spiderwebby look of the crown decreases.

The colors pooled a bit on the brim, but it still turned out very pretty. At this rate, the BTo'KT will fill up nicely.

I firmly hinted to my knitting sisters that no one ever knits for me. The hints took- my sister Terri made me these two lovely scarves (I'm going to have to make corkscrew scarves for The Grands- they were quite taken with it). The sparkly fuzzy one is very thick and warm. Both are gorgeous!
And though my sister Sandi told me that I would laugh and put these away in a dark corner, never to see them again, I love the leg warmers that she designed and knit just for me. Sandi rekindled her love of knitting while we were at SAFF last October, and she's been knitting, and designing Fair Isle, ever since. I may not wear them much (my ballet days are long gone... ho ho), but I will love them forever.


#4 said...

I love the leg warmers. Sandi does a fantastic job!

#4 said...

Also the Corkscrew Scarf yarn was hand dyed by my #1 Sister!!!

Fríða said...

great leftover projects, I love ideas on how to use them up. and wonderful gifts from your sisters, I wish someone would knit for me don´t think it has ever happened.
best wishes from Iceland