Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hats and Hos

I finished the leftover hat.
And I am delighted with it.

 Stats: Size 2.75mm needles, 140 sts, 4 rnds K1P1 ribbing, 5 1/2 inches total for brim, Decrease every other rnd for crown, beginning with *K 12, K 2 tog*. It's 8 1/2" wide laying flat, 8" long, and it used 1.3 ozs (38 gr) of  leftover fingering weight sock yarns. Gauge: approx 9 sts=1", 10 rnds=1".

It'll fit most Youth-Medium Adult. It's a perfect fit on me, though it's a bit tight and short for The Hub. For him, I'd CO 150 sts and work the brim 3/4" longer, and then begin the decreases thusly: *K13, K 2 tog*.

I went through my leftover self-patterning sock yarns (I often have almost 40gr left from 100 when I knit a pair for myself), and wound some of them into balls whose repeats start and end at the same place (the two skeins start at the same spot in the repeat). Above is at least two pairs of socks. Matching socks! or Gloves! The last bits and partial repeats from each yarn went into another bag for more hats.

Side Note: I have not purchased yarn in 15 months (yarn sent to me for book projects doesn't count), and I STILL have not made a dent in my stash. It looks every bit as big as it did, lo these many months ago. I am still stumbling across whole bags of yarn that I forgot about. At this rate, I won't be buying yarn for another 3 years.

And a Ho Ho Ho to you all! (of course, that's the kind of Ho I meant in the header.)

P.S. The Hub is a Jolly Fella, he just has a no-smile-for-the-camera policy that he seldom violates. Though I did catch him at it. Once.


Angie said...

The hat is very cute! I have little excuse for a growing stash as there is little outflow of fo's. I do like your leftover pattern yarn balls--nifty idea.

Fríða said...

really nice hat, and a good idea which I might use. and very merry christmas to you and your loved ones.
best wishes from Iceland
ps. handsome fellow you´ve got yourself there

Chery said...

Nice smile. I love pictures of family.

joannamauselina said...

What a cute couple!

mrae said...

Great Pic of you and Hubby.
Way cute Hat!!!

Lily said...

Very sweet hat. I love it, and love its color too. Thanks for sharing the pictures

Nancy said...

The hat reminds me of a local artist's primitive paintings-rolling hills, trees, and sheep grazing.
Since I have large feet, I don't ever have much sock yarn left, but I think your creativity with yours is lots of fun.

Kathy said...

I loved this idea and finally got around to knitting one. My granddaughter came in, tried it on, and walked out the door with it still on her head. Nine year olds know what they like! I will definitely make more to use up those scraps of expensive sock yarn.