Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mitered Square Hat

In amongst all of the other excitement, I did find time to finish the Mitered Square Hat, knit with leftover Twisted Fiber Arts Playful yarn.
I love how it came out.

So did the three girls  (ages 8-11) who were here when I finished it. They all begged for one.

Maybe Santa can do something about that...

It's easy peasy to make:
Heavy Fingering Weight Yarn (though regular fingering will work too), Size 2.75mm needles (dpns and 16" circ)
4 rows of 19st mitered squares (instructions here)- 14 squares each row
Sew the back seam, pick up 140 sts around the upper edge.
K 4 rnds.
Dec Rnd 1: *K 12, K 2 tog*, rep around
Dec Rnd 2: K
Dec Rnd  3: *K 11, K 2 tog*, rep around
Dec Rnd 4: K
Continue in this manner, working one less st before the dec on each odd rnd, until there are 10 sts left. Cut yarn, thread tail through remaining loops, tighten and tie off. Weave the ends in, wash and block.

This hat fits me just fine-it's snug and it reaches just below my ears. But if you want a longer brim, just work another row of mitered squares. If you want a bigger hat, work more squares in the row. If you want a smaller hat, work fewer squares in a row. Regardless of size, pick up 10 sts per square for the crown. You could also pick up stitches along the bottom edge, and work a ribbing or border if you like.

Laying flat, the hat measures 8" long and 9 1/2" wide.

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