Monday, November 29, 2010

What happened to November?

I lost November in the shuffle, and despite the Knitted Gift Tub (which has lots of things in it),  I'm not even starting to be ready for The Holidays. This is the first time I haven't had my trees up by Thanksgiving in years. But it's going to snow today, and that will probably put me in the mood to decorate.
The Girls and I made some Turkey Cookies before Thanksgiving. The cookies were easy to assemble, and The Grands had a great time. They made some fantastic gobblers. And of course, they got to eat the leftover components- so things were a little giddy around here for an hour or so, lemee tellya.

I'm in Book Limbo for a bit- the manuscript has been sent to my agent, so as I wait for her assessment/suggestions for rewrites, I've been sewing. Unfortunately, Certain People read the blog, which means that I can't show any of the things I'm sewing right now, but trust me, they're pretty darn adorable. (I'll post pics after Christmas).

I can show you this though:

I started another mitered square hat. This yarn is Lisa Souza Sock, colorway Lapland (though it looks Watermelon to me). I tried and tried and tried to find the right stitch pattern for this yarn and nothing looked good, not Aunt Helen's Variation, not Waffle, not plain stockinette (the color changes are too short for stripes but too long for attractive blotching), not Entrelac. As a last resort, I tried mitered squares, and that did the trick. I think this hat is going to be adorable.

On the health front- I'm improving. My voice is shot, and will remain so until I'm done with the inhaler, but otherwise, I'm coughing less. And today, I will up the treadmill distance to 1.5 miles. I've been increasing the length and intensity of the workouts gradually (I'm impatient, but not anxious for a relapse)- when I work up to 2 miles and 4mph walking with a good incline, I'll be ready to try running the odd quarter mile. I've learned that Linda Ronstadt's Poor Pitiful Me is the perfect song to accompany a 3.5mph workout. It's good to sweat again- I've missed it.

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joannamauselina said...

The cookies are très cute. I'll bet they were lotsa fun to make.