Saturday, June 13, 2009

I can't believe I'm going to show you this

The Merry and Bright table runner went together very well. I've done enough machine quilting now to play a bit with the serpentine quilting (varying the direction of the curving lines to match the direction of the pieced blocks). The binding matches well and I got it stitched down in a minimum amount of time. I took a few nice pics (I really like the one with the morning sun showing through the blocks)

And then.... I turned it over.... and this is what I saw.....
Oh well... And no, I'm not obsessive enough to take it out, straighten the edge and sew it again (which wouldn't work anyway- the backing shifted a bit in the quilting too)- this is the back and it looks okay, if not perfect, from the front. But I may end up keeping this rather than gifting it as I had hoped. Or at least I can't give it away without a note saying I know it's crooked, and I'm sorry. This is what happens when you pair me and a pre-printed border. If the backing had been all-white, I would never have noticed it (it would still have been crooked, but I would have remained blissfully ignorant of that fact).
Also, real quilters will notice that the points on my sashing stars aren't quite right- that's because I used 1 1/2" squares rather than 1 1/4". Oops.

But the Firefly Mitered Cuff socks turned out perfectly. I'm not going to bother writing up this pattern. If you want to make some- search the blog for Mitered Square instructions, then make a cuff with 4 rows of 6 squares. Pick up 60 sts across the top and work 4 garter stitch rows. Sew into a tube. Pick up 60 sts across the bottom. Work 1" of stockinette, and then finish the heel and sole as per your favorite Vanilla sock pattern. Voila! (P.S. the socks are not for me- that's why they're too long)

Next up- I think I'm going to try Entrelac with the Twisted Fiber Arts Playful yarn. It'll be an adventure, and it'll probably look better on the back than the table runner.

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Stacy said...

You've been busy, haven't you? Awesome job!!