Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sock Progress and the Paper Doll Game

I'm making good progress on the first Guardian Mitered Square sock. I finished the cuff and instep, and picked up the stitches for the heel and finished that. I worked a 28 st short-row heel, and now I'm beginning the sole. The sole will be knit on those 28 sts, and each time I purl back to the instep, I'll pick up a loop from a mitered square and knit it with the first stitch of the next row. That attaches that side of the sole to the instep and saves a seam later on, but the sole could just be knit on those 28 sts and then sewn later, on both sides. I love how this is coming out. The knitting goes much more quickly when you only use one yarn- no cutting and weaving in ends with every square.

I learned about the Paper Doll Game from a paperdoll list I belong to, and had to have it. It's a very simple game- players chose one of five dolls, and then spin to dress them by drawing selected clothing pieces out of a cloth bag- the first player whose doll has a top, bottom, hat, shoes, bag, and a hobby wins. It's a simple game, with no reading required, and yet it isn't so simple that my 7 year old granddaughter and I didn't enjoy it enormously. Even for me, it was no easy thing to figure out which pieces were shoes and which were hats or hobby accessories by feel (pants were a little easier, but you still have to spin for pants before you can draw them). The pieces are sturdy cardboard and the artwork is adorable. Our only complaint about the game was that you couldn't actually play with the dressed dolls- there is no way to keep the clothes on them. I think I might dig out a little Fun Tak for the next time we play- then we can dress the girls and dance them around (which is the main point of playing with paper dolls- dancing them around in their finery).

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