Monday, May 11, 2009


I love the retro look of the Nest quilt pattern, married with the Tranquility fabrics. Very Jetson Food-A-Rac-A-Cycle, I think. (oh great, now I'm singing the song...Meet George Jetson ...). The pattern calls for 16 squares to make a 54" square quilt, but that's not big enough, so I ordered another Tranquility Jelly Roll and Layer Cake. I won't double the size, but I will make it at least 5x5 squares (and maybe another row long, and if I do that, it will be almost double the size). (... his boy Elroy ...).

These blocks aren't difficult, but there are a lot of steps involved. It takes me about 20 minutes to finish each one. But it's not a race, right? (... daughter Judy ...). And lookie at the little blocks I'm getting from the trimmings. The tiniest aren't very well put together, but I'll be able to do something with them. The larger ones will be fine for some other project.

Also in the mail this morning (along with the Layer Cake and Jelly Roll) (...Jane, his wife...)were a few more Super Hero fabrics. I knew that I was going to have to make bigger blocks for this quilt, but I didn't realize quite how big the motifs were on these Fat Quarters. It's going to take some tricky cutting to get an Acceptable Arachnoid Visual from the Spidey pieces. But that's the part of the fun. (....Jane, stop this crazy thing....)
p.s. I remembered the name, but not the spelling, I learned how to spell Food-A-Rac-A-Cycle by typing *cartoon Jetson food preparation device* into Google. It popped up as the first entry. I love the internet.

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Stacy Kraus McDonald said...

I heart The Jetsons... ;-) Great quilting!