Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cassy's Wedding Shawl, Part 1- The Edging

After a lot of thought and swatching, I decided to go with a simple design for my wonderful Future Daughter In Law's wedding shawl. We consulted on yarns- she really liked the Knit Picks Bare Merino, not only for the softness (it's Merino-duh), but the off-white blends well with her dress, and she likes the fact that it'll be warmer than a very light lace yarn. She and Matt are getting married on the beach (all together now: aaaawwwww), but it's a beach in Northern Oregon, and Northern Oregon beaches are cold, even in the summer time. A lacy shawl that also provides a bit of protection against the wind is the perfect solution.

I finished one edge, and will cast on the other (probably not until Friday- daytimes are for working on MG V3.0, and the next two evenings are for American Idol). The body will have the lattice design running up both edges as a border, but I have not decided on the main lace motif yet, or if it will be a single design, or a combo of several. I'll have to come to a decision about that soon.

All sections will have some beading, which will not only give the shawl some sparkle, but will add a bit of heft which will help it to stay put in the ocean breeze.

This is one finished border- this is not an official blocking, and it's not at all even or straight. I just pinned out the dry edging to see what it looks like and to get a rough notion of the measurements (22" x 5" stretched, and once it's wet, it'll stretch out a bit more). I'll knit both edgings and then pick up the body stitches along the straight side.

Here's a closeup, showing the beads.

And if you want to knit along- here's the edging chart. On the purl rows, after the stitches with the double YOs, drop one of the loops and only purl one. That makes a nice stretchy edge for the scallops. (On all of the other YO sts, which are single, purl the YO as a st). The red numbers on the left side of the chart are the stitch counts.

I think it's going to be beautiful!


Melissa ~ twoknitwit said...

wow, Kathleen! what an amazing project you get to create and a keepsake she'll treasure forever

can't wait to see what you come up with ~ and being a PNWerner, I agree, the weight of the yarn and the beads will probably be greatly appreciated ~ it gets mighty chilly on the coast!


Unknown said...

How lovely that will be! I hope you'll post photosnof the product.