Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July Parade

It's always different and yet always the same...
 This never fails to amuse me- I hope they never synchronize the clocks

 Yeah, it's an arty picture of a pinwheel, but I still like how it came out.

 Flags and loud guns. I hate loud noises.

 More flags.

 Motorcycles are a new addition- a nice one.

 Fire trucks with sirens blaring.

 Old fire trucks with no sirens.

Little kids in the barrel train.

 Flat bed trailers with Boy Scouts.

 Cool vintage autos.

 Shriners in small comical vehicles.

 Big new tractors. And I do mean big!

 Hot rods!

 Little girls in costumes!

 More flags.

 This is called a Terragator. It's HUGE!

 No parade is complete without the giant fiberglass pheasant.

 Pretty girls waving.

 Hell if I know what this is about. I'll do some sleuthing.

And horsies at the end. Always horsies at the end.

And this country of ours, it's not all that it should (or could) be, but it's pretty darn amazing, and breathtakingly beautiful. Happy 4th of July!

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Melissa ~ twoknitwit said...

thanks so much for sharing the Keb' Mo' video, Kathleen!

wonderful ~ we listen to alot of blues in our house and it is perfect!!

happy 4th - Melissa