Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday Tab- Girls in the War, Turnabout Dolls

I'll be in Michigan, teaching at the Michigan Fiber Festival, next Thursday, so I'm posting an extra special set today, to tide you over. I can't read the publisher name on this set, but it has that Merrill look about it.

Merrill sets are wonderful just on their own, but what makes this one even more amazing is that it's a Turnabout Doll book: the five dolls (which would have been plenty in most books), are printed on the back side with entirely different dolls, and each of those 10 characters has her own clothes.

It sounds like a printing nightmare to me, and I have no idea how successful they were at lining up the fronts and backs of these Brave Girls (and in my experience, Merrill outfits were always wonderful to look at, but maybe not so good in the fitting department), but the notion is pretty amazing.



Millie Motts said...

These are incredible! I love the swish of the skirts.

carla said...

Wonderful set; great designs, particularly the different stances.

Do you happen to have the dolls for this set (apart from the cover)?