Friday, December 20, 2013

The Getty- Paintings

We visited The Getty in LA last month. I was mesmerized by the paintings. Photography is allowed, but no flash, so some of these aren't as sharp as I'd like (plus you have to snap very quickly in the rare moments when no one is standing directly in front of a painting), but man... it was amazing.

 Well, some photography wasn't allowed. It wasn't allowed in the Canterbury Psalter traveling exhibit- something I didn't know until after I snapped this one.

 Louis XIV

Still Life

Tapestry closeup


shoot, I can't remember the title or artist of this one

Degas ballerina

Van Gogh- weaver

 I can't find a link for this one. Added later: Good grief, how could I forget... Renoir

 Van Gogh Irises

Rabbit from early 1500s

Studio of DaVinci

This guy has a meme

Monet Cathedral


Rembrandt- I stood and gazed at this one for as long as my family allowed me to. It spoke to me in a way no other painting has. The light in his sad eyes, the brushwork on the metal mantle, the sparkle of the hat band, the softness of the feather, the fine stubble hairs. This man actually existed, he lived. And he still lives in this painting.

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