Wednesday, March 11, 2015

More Batik- And a Quilt Block, Part 2

As I mentioned yesterday, no matter how careful I am with my seam allowances, my blocks always come out a little smaller than they should. If you're going to try this block, please make a sample first to know the final size, before cutting up a lot of fabric. Part 1 Assembly here.

I do love how these came out.

Click on the image to enlarge before saving and printing it. Otherwise, you'll just get the thumbnail.

6 more blocks to finish.

You can make blocks with the trimmed fabric from the Contrast square. I'll use these in another project. (They can be arranged in a lot of ways- I don't know how I'll lay them out eventually).

1 comment:

Natalie Rush said...

So pretty!! I hope to make my girls a quilt some day...but there is too much knitting right now. ;)