Thursday, January 28, 2016

Folk Art Santa Fat Quarter #1 Embroidered and Colored

I finished embroidering Folk Art Santa Fat Quarter #1 (available from Spoonflower). And I love it!

All 5 blocks embroidered!

My plan is to cut them apart and re-assemble them as a wall hanging with spacer strips (in bright coordinating colors), and then hand quilt the piece. But that's not set in stone yet.

I had an extra one of these Fat Quarters, so I decided to color it with crayons. My plan is the same as above, though I think I'll quilt it with embroidery floss to enhance the outlines (and maybe do a little embroidery, but I'm not sure).

Crayons have interesting color names these days.

All were colored lightly, and then set with a hot, dry iron (with layers of paper toweling on top and below, to absorb any wax. The Bookmark blocks look more *crayony* than I thought they would, but I'm sure they'll be fine once they're put together.

Here's the whole thing. Again, I think I'll make a wall hanging. Or maybe a couple of wall hangings. I don't know for sure yet.

Folk Art Santa Fat Quarter #2 should be here within a week or so, and I'll be off to the races again!

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