Friday, February 26, 2016

Coloring Fun!!!!!!

My proof copies of Jan and Karen, A Paper Doll Coloring Book arrived, which means I can finally color in one (the first copy went on my shelf, as per my own tradition).

This is going to be such fun!

The colored pages in the book were done by printing the embellished pages on Vellum, and then coloring with Prismacolor markers, and then scanning the colored page (with a white sheet on top of the vellum, because it's translucent). So in the book, I am going to color everything with pencils (also Prismacolor). Or maybe crayons. Or pens. Whatever looks like fun (which is all of them)

I'm going to work my way from front to back, in an orderly fashion, which is something I have never done with a coloring book.

If you would care to share your colored pages with me, I'll post them here happily (kathleentaylor1952atgmaildotcom). If you are on Instagram, you can tag the pics #ktpaperdoll and #ktcoloringbook

Multiple copies!!!!

This was a *design your own prints* page- where I drew patterns on the tights and then colored them. The design pages are a lot of fun!

BTW- the full page images are photos, not scans. They won't print out to size.

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