Monday, November 26, 2007

NHM #12- one down, one to go

I have one NHM #12 finished (it helps that I'm knitting mittens for children- they do go a lot faster). If I hadn't knit 3 other Selbuvotter patterns already, I wouldn't have known what the author, Terri Shea, meant when she said that these mittens weren't like the rest. But she's right- the thumb construction and palm is totally different from any other mittens in the book. I worked the chart exactly on the palm, and though it's historically accurate, it looks like I made several mistakes. Ah well, the 6 year old who is going to get these isn't going to inspect them, or worry about that blank green section under the thumb.

I was a bit confused by the pattern though- the sample picture in the book doesn't match the instructions (there are more rib stripes in the written instructions than shown in the picture), or the chart (which has another entire flower/snowflake motif) and instructions aren't given for multiple sizes. These differences weren't listed on the errata page on the Selbuvotter site. Neither is a big deal, and adjusting the length of a mitten is something almost everyone who knits mittens has to do, but it did surprise me.

My thumb patterning lined up on this mitten, but not as photogenically as the last pair, so no pics... heh... I'm almost done with the cuff on the mate, so finishing the pair is my goal today.
Stats: Knit Picks Palette yarns, size 2 needles

After these, I need to design/work out some sort of Spiderman mittens for my 3 year old grandson (who would not be impressed with snowflakes and flowers).

Oh, and I finished the Neverending Sweater. It turned out gorgeous- I'll post a pic after Christmas (since it's a gift).


Anonymous said...

You are one mitten knitten machine. LOL

Kathleen Taylor said...

heh... I'd worry about this obsession except that I do need these for gifts, so the urge to knit countless numbers of mittens came just at the right time. I have a feeling that after Christmas, I'm not going to want to see another thumb for a loooong time.

N. Maria said...

I know your grandson is going to LOVE them.
I recently finished some Tri-force socks and Power Ranger socks.
I hope we get to see the Spiderman mittens and I can't wait to see, what I know is superb, work on the sweater.

Kathleen Taylor said...

All 3 of my grandkids love the Power Rangers too.

The mystery sweater is simple but very nice (a cabled pattern)- after Christmas I can post the pic (darn kid who looks at my blog regularly anyway...)