Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thursday Tab- Lowe Sally And Jane, #2755, 1964

This is one of those sets that is a reprint- Sally and Jane were originally Two Teens (#2743) published in 1963. Later on, Jane released separately as a Hair-Do doll (with clothes and wigs). I love the pre-Mod outfits in this set. This is very 7th grade for me.

Click on the images to enlarge, right click to save as a jpg. Print the clothes on plain paper, the covers on card stock.


Anonymous said...

I like looking at your paper doll pages. Even though I am young and those dolls were before my time, I like how innocent they look. I imagine that time was more pure then now.

Kathleen Taylor said...

When we look back on those times, they seem simpler, but really, they weren't. Life was just as complicated and messy then as it is now.

But the clothes sure are fun to look at (and in my case, remember).