Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday Tab- Merry Mermaids

I wish I had some info about this book, but I don't. The front and back covers were identical, so I only scanned the back (so silly of me. Didn't I know I was going to want to know that stuff from the files alone?), which doesn't carry the publisher info, so I don't even know who produced this book. It's obviously a reprint, since the dolls are numbered 2 and 4 (and there are only 2 dolls in the book). It looks to me like the dolls have been redrawn with 50's style hair, but the clothes are early 40's. My guess is that it's a Saalfield book, but that's just a guess.

Whoever published it, it's lovely.

My paper doll friend Debbie forwarded this scan of the cover of the Merry Mermaids book to upload with the rest of the set. It's nearly identical to the back cover, except for the background colors. As far as I can tell, there is no publisher information on the front cover either.
Thanks to Debbie for the scan!
Click on the images to enlarge, right click to save. Print from any graphics program, clothes on plain paper, covers on card stock.
Carolyn K tells me that Merry Mermaids was published by Reuben H. Lilja. It doesn't seem to be a reprint, but that leaves the mystery of the missing Dolls 1 and 3. Thanks for the info, Carolyn!
More info on this set- Peggy E and Carolyn K say that Merry Mermaids is a reprint of #903 Jaunty Juniors, which was published in 1946. Dolls 2 & 4 from that set were redrawn, but the clothes stayed the same. There is no word on what date Merry Mermaids was printed, but my guess is very early 50's. Thanks Peggy and Carolyn.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your paper dolls. We are such slobs now days. Women dressed well back then. Maybe because I am a stay at home I am a frumpy.

Kathleen Taylor said...

I AM frumpy. It's in my nature... heh... But I love the Glamour Girl paper dolls. They're my favorites.

the kitchener bitch said...

The clothes are late 40s/early 50s - they embody New Look, which had fuller skirts than were possible with wartime privations. (The hair could be late 40s too.) Beautiful dolls!

Kathleen Taylor said...

I thought the shorter skirts signaled war-time. But you're probably right. No matter which decade, these are lovely dolls.

knitster said...

I was not a barbie fan as a kid but i lovedmy paper dolls, what fun kids today miss. I loved the fashions then, wish we could bring them back. Where is June Cleaver when we need her.

Kathleen Taylor said...

I still love paper dolls. It's such fun to cut them out with my granddaughters. Paper dolls now are nothing compared to the old ones (though there are some nice current sets).

Miss Missy said...

This set reminds me of Jaunty Juniors from 1946 published by Lilja. That set had four dolls but it seems two of the same poses and clothes are in this set.