Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Healthy Recipe- Hamburger Chimichanga

These, especially when made with La Tortilla Factory's whole wheat, low carb garlic and herb tortillas, are fantastic. Since there are 8 tortillas in a package, the recipe calls for making up all 8, with the calorie/carb listing for a single assembled tortilla. You can decide if one is enough, or if you want 1 1/2 or even 2. They can be eaten out of hand plain, or you can top them with the usual sour cream/lettuce/tomatoes/olives (my husband prefers Lite Ranch Dressing to Sour Cream). Either way, they're delicious. The unfried chimicangas freeze well, so it's nice to make up all 8 and then thaw and fry them as needed.

You can substitute shredded cooked chicken for the hamburger (about the same calories and carbs), or skip the meat altogether.

Sorry for the bad pic.

Hamburger Chimichanga- Makes 8

8 La Tortilla Factory Whole Wheat Low-Carb Garlic and Herb Tortillas

1lb browned 94% fat free hamburger

1 can refried beans (check the labels- beans vary widely in calorie and carb count)

4 ozs shredded Pepper Jack Cheese

Hot Sauce or Pepper Relish of your choice

2 tbsp Vegetable Oil

Divide and spread the refried beans on the 8 tortillas, covering the entire tortilla. Divide the hamburger evenly, and spread down the center of each tortilla. Sprinkle with a bit of Pepper Jack Cheese, and the hot sauce or pepper relish of your choice. Roll the tortillas, placing them seam down.

Heat the oil in a skillet, place the rolled, filled tortillas seam-down in the hot oil. Fry for several minutes, or until the tortilla is crispy and brown. Turn over and repeat. Remove from pan and drain on paper towels for a minute before serving.

Serve plain, sprinkled with the rest of the Pepper Jack cheese, or top with 1 tbsp Lite Sour Cream, Shredded Lettuce, Diced Tomatoes, and 4 sliced olives.

Fried Chimichanga Plain: 292 calories, 9.5 gr carb @

Fried Chimichanga Topped: 372 calories, 15.5 gr carb @


Karen said...

yummm....I think I know what we're having for supper tonight!

RuthieJ said...

That looks delicious and easy! I can substitute venison deer burger and I think Mr. Johnson's going to love these! Thanks for a new supper recipe.