Saturday, August 16, 2008

In Which I Learn That I Will Never Accomplish as Much as I Thought

In addition to the text work on the sock book, I have to do some reknitting to adjust colors for photography. As with all deadlines, this new one is very deadliney, and as with all book deadlines, it takes priority over the rest of my life. So as soon as the replacement yarn arrives (Monday or Tuesday), I'll be nose to the needles, which means that I may or may not finish this sweater by the end of the Olympics, and I will very likely not get the handspun beaded lace scarf finished. [insert disappointed face here]

But I still have the weekend to book it on the sweater. I'm knitting both sleeves at the same time, with steeks in between (to be cut apart and seamed before attaching to the armholes). I'm past the cuff and beginning the increases, which are a pain with patterned knitting (and because remembering to make them at the beginning and end of both sleeves, every 3rd row, is sometimes beyond my short-term memory capabilities).

The picture isn't all that interesting, but I scanned it to show off these adorable teensy little stitch markers. Girl on the Rocks makes them (link in Stash Enhancers), and I love them. They add no weight at all to the knitting, they're sized perfectly for little needles (great for sock knitters, of which I are one), and they're totally cute (and extremely reasonably priced). While I was shopping, I also bought this gorgeous dyed Finn roving from her- it's incredibly soft and someday, I'll get to spin it.

And just for fun, I hand-felted one of the cut off pieces from the sweater neckline, to see if Rowan felts. Yup, it does.

Olympic Comment of the Day: I would so qualify for Dwight Schrute's Olympic Centathlon Cup Stacking Team, but I'd rather join Murder Checkers

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