Sunday, August 3, 2008

In Which I Take on Yet Another Deadline

...though this one is for fun. I bottomed out on the Sock Knitters Pentathalon, though not because I wanted to. I just could not pause in the last month of the sock book design/write/go totally insane stage to knit complex socks for fun. I missed the 2nd sock deadline and was disqualified. I still intend to knit the socks, but I am out of the running for a Completion Badge.

But I'm done with the book now (well, not done, but done with the 24/7 knitting and designing), and can therefore (I'm not sure how it happened) be Co-Captain of the Ravelympics Twisted team (for people who are besotted with yarns and rovings from Twisted Fiberarts- and if besottedness is all it takes to be co-captain, hell, I can be the Empress). The team members will knit or spin something from Twisted Fiberarts (or not, we're not exactly strict about our requirements) during the Bejing Olympics. I have entered an event called Handspun Heptathalon, and my personal event/challenge/project is to spin 4 ozs of Twisted roving into a 2-ply laceweight yarn, design a beaded lace scarf pattern, and knit the scarf- to be started and completed between the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

I'm going to spin this beautiful 100% Merino roving, dyed in a new colorway called Minstrel. Isn't it gorgeous? And though I won't even think about the lace design (much) until I start spinning, I am going to choose my beads in advance. That's not cheating, that's gathering my supplies.

And speaking of Twisted, here are some other new stash additions: The above mentioned Minstrel in roving, and Kabam (wool/bamboo) sock yarn, Firefly BFL roving and Playful superwash Merino sock yarn (I used another braid of Firefly Merino to spin and knit the gloves), and Teacake BFLroving and PLayful superwash Merino sock yarn. All totally gorgeous.

Foot forecast: purple with a chance of green


ChristyH said...

Those colors are beautiful.

freshisle said...

I'm so looking forward to your new book. When will it be available?