Saturday, August 9, 2008

Opening Ceremonies, a day late

Sorry- grandchildren here, lots of swimming, lots of laughter, lots of heat and humidity, no time at the computer until tonight, after they all conked out.

I have watched many Olympics Opening Ceremonies, and never have I seen anything like the one last night. I sat there with my jaw unhinged for most of evening- what an amazing and beautiful show. They know fireworks in China, that's fer shure. And choreography. And spectacle. That definitely topped the French one, where everyone was either dressed as a mime or a marital aid.

And there in the middle of the wonder and the beauty, was a commercial with Hiro, and Peter, and Nathan, and Mohinder, and Chuck, and Jim. All we needed was Mike Rowe, Sig Hansen and Phil Harris, and maybe Fox Mulder, and I could have seen all of my TV Boyfriends in a 30 second span.

What with all the grandkids here and such, I didn't get a lot of spinning done yesterday (and none today), but I did finish one bobbin of the Minstrel merino. I love the colors,and can't wait to see how the yarn comes out.

And I was able to work a little bit on the Miter Leftover Socks (yeah, I know they're not Ravelympics projects, but I didn't want to take the wheel outside, and I'm not ...foolish? brave? multitasky?... enough to try to knit Fair Isle and watch kids in the pool at the same time)- I finished the squares- I just have the ribbing, heels, soles, and toes left. They don't look much like socks yet, do they? These have been great fun to knit, though uber fiddly. I'm glad that I saved all those bits and pieces of yarn.
We watched some of the competitions tonight. I'm not much of a sports person, but my boys were competitive swimmers, and I still have a soft spot for the swim teams. We woohooed right along with Michael Phelps, and his very nervous Mama. Here's hoping for 6 more.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it was an incredible show! But didn't you forget Tom Selleck? The socks are amazing. What a lot of ends! How do you deal with them? Enjoy those grandkids all you can!

Kathy Sue said...

I will learn someday to preview my comments so that the "name" line comes up!!!

Gnat said...

That is one of the coolest things I've seen!!! AWESOME!!!