Monday, August 4, 2008

The Roar of Engines

It's that time of year again- the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally (during which the population of the state increases by about 50%) begins this weekend. Since Sturgis is a good 300 miles east, you'd think that we would not be affected. You would be wrong. We live on one North/South Interstate Highway, and very near the confluence of an East/West highway, and the roar of engines is constant, as real bikers make their pilgrimage to Mecca (play-bikers drive pretty pickup trucks with their matching bikes on matching trailers, and then only ride the last 50 miles or so- there are lots of them driving through as well). Sunup to sundown- it's motorcycles all day.

But I can knit and spin to the sound of Harleys. It's sort of comforting. I made another Bulky Handspun Christmas Hat yesterday- since I'm enamored with mitered squares lately, I tried some on a hat. It turned out well, though I didn't have enough white yarn to make all of the squares bi-colored. I think this hat needs a big red button somewhere.

And I am nearly done with the cuffs of the mitered-square leftover socks. Just one more 6-square row to complete, and then it's on to the insteps (4 rows of 3 squares). These are going to be amusing socks.

I finished spinning the rainbow dyed Shetland roving, and will ply it today, no doubt to the roar of engines.


Karen said...

Mitered squares are such fun! and I can't wait to see the socks.
Around here, the only people you see on Harleys are the 50+ set, the ones who promised themselves when they were teens that "some day they'd grow up and buy a Harley and be totally cool, man." Gotta love 'em.

btraxsd said...

Even in Sturgis most of the people are the 50+ set. and some even fly in and have bikes shipped. I try to avoid the roads as much as possible this week, and that is in Rapid City.

RuthieJ said...

We live about 1 mile north of I-90 and with the south wind last weekend, we heard bikes heading west all day and late into the night. Someday I'm going to ride along with them.....maybe next year when I'm 50!