Thursday, March 11, 2010

AI Season 9- Top 16 Elimination

Tonight, amid what is sure to be much drama and many tears, we name the Top 12. From here on, we go to two nights a week, and a single elimination on Wednesdays. And no gender requirements. Let the games begin!

Randy is wearing a black sweater (and those beads- I need to do some research and find the story on them). Ellen is wearing the same sweater as Randy, and a white shirt. Kara is in a powder blue leather jacket. Simon is in a white tee whose neckline can't support his microphone clip.

The group-sing is Michael Buble's Haven't Met You Yet. The guys pair up: Alex and Casey, Andrew and Todrick, Lee and Mike. The groupings actually sound pretty good together, though obviously, none of them can dance (or rather, none of them outside of Todrick can dance). The girls come in, and none of them can dance either. The harmonies are nice though, and they end with A Pointy Foot Pose.

Ryan announces that next week's theme is Songs of the Rolling Stones, which scares the bejabbers out of me, though Crystal will probably do fine (if she's still around).

And we get right down to the meat of the evening: Didi, is in a black leather jacket and a weird piecemeal skirt made from blue, green, and silver satin panels. Despite this, she's in!

Siobhan is up next. She's wearing a dress made of lace strips, with ruffly cap sleeves, over blotchy leggings, and has several sloppy braids in her hair. And she's in too!

Paige and Katelyn are called down together, which means one of them is going home. Paige is wearing a black jacket with leg 'o mutton sleeves, gray wool shorts, and black tights. Katelyn is wearing a sleeveless black shift with a line of ruffles from neckline to hem, pink tights and saddle shoes. I really love saddle shoes, and own three pairs myself. My footwear love doesn't save Katelyn though. And as soon as she starts singing, I remember why voices trump shoes.

Ryan calls Tim, Todrick, Lee, and Casey down. All of them are dressed in their normal fashion, which for Todrick, means black leather glovelettes, a striped jacket, and a rosary worn as a necklace. Casey is in. Tim nearly passed out when he got the good news. The other two wait for the verdict, and... well well well... Todrick, with his permanently cocked eyebrow, is going home. I feel a little guilty for being so happy about that.

The camera flashes on poor little Katie, who is already crying. In fact, most of the girls have leaky eyes. They must have liked Katelyn a lot.

Tonight's Alum Guests are the unlikeliest pairing ever: Matt Giraud and Scott McIntyre, who are going to be singing Billy Joel's Tell Her About It. While playing back to back pianos. I used to complain about Matt's stupid hats, but there is no hat as stupid as his weird, curly Mohawk. Scott looks exactly the same as he did last year, except for the rhinestone cross on the back of his leather jacket.

Oh my, it's hard to describe how totally horrible this duet is. Oh, I know how- I'd rather listen to Todrick. That's how bad this is.

Afterwards, Scott says that he has a new album of original songs which is available via iTunes or from his website, which tells you everything you need to know.

Ryan has Crystal stand alone, which means she's in. (!!!!) She's very somber tonight. I hope she's feeling okay.

In a bit of stage confusion (which may or may not have been rehearsed), Michael, in a black jacket and scarf, is also in!

Lacey is up next. She's wearing a vest, a peach top with metallic accents, and a red heart necklace. And by red heart necklace, I don't mean a heart-shaped necklace that is red. I mean a red pendant that is shaped like a human heart. And she's in as well.

Aaron is the next singleton. He's nervous, and babbling, aaaand... he's in.

Which leaves Alex and Andrew, which is interesting, though not particularly surprising. Andrew has a wonderful voice, but his recent performances have been disappointing. Alex has potential, and he has steadily improved, but he's he's one of three young, pretty boys in a competition that usually only has room for one. Even so, I'm surprised that Alex gets the boot. Alex is surprised too- and is not holding it together very well. Ryan is sweetly supportive. Alex's very real emotion colors his singout in a good way.

And now we're down to Lilly, who is strangely puffy tonight in a truly unflattering tight, black knit dress, and Katie, who is wearing a satin rose festooned, one-shouldered, pink bubble abomination. I expect Katie to be going home, but on reflection, it makes sense that Lilly is out. There are already two odd-voice girls in the Top 12 (Didi and Lacey)(three if you count Siobhan), there really wasn't room for Lilly too.

And Lilly has just cured me of any regret that I might have that she's leaving. That was the most ungracious final interview I've heard on this show. And her singout proves that the voters booted the right Odd Voice.

So, we now have our Top 12: Didi, Siobhan, Lacey, Crystal, Katie, Paige, Lee, Michael, Casey, Aaron, Tim, and Andrew.

Next week is going to be interesting.

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