Monday, March 1, 2010

Workingworkingworkingworking, DVDs, Udolpho

I spent a good 24 hours at the needles over the weekend, and accomplished much. Not enough, mind you, but still a lot. And I'll head back to the needles as soon as I finish some other work (patterns to draft, yarn to sort out, The Book Crisis of the Day to deal with, that kind of thing). It feels odd to have other knitters working on projects for this book- I am used to knitting everything myself (which I have done for all of them, except for projects in Knit One, Felt Too). But My Team (I love that term) is comprised of wonderful knitters, and I have more confidence in them getting their assignments done than I do in completing my own list. Which means, I need to get back to work.

Luckily, I had DVDs to carry me through the weekend marathon when I wasn't watching the Olympics. Harper's Island is trash, but it's enjoyable trash. I just have 1 disc left to watch, which has not yet arrived (Blockbuster: get on it, willya?). I really loved the little Harper's Globe webisode mystery that was included with the latest disc, however. Very well done and quite mysterious (though the plot doesn't hold up to even a cursory examination)(which, I suspect, will apply to the series as a whole). I'm waiting on the next Tudor disc too- I assume that Joss Stone will make her appearance soon. If neither dsic shows up today, I do have Season 2 of Rome, and the final Deadwood season that I can watch.

On the audio front: the word Udolpho was finally utterred in The Mysteries of Udolpho. It's a castle, not a person. And poor, put-upon Emily is going to be dragged thither (followed, I suppose by her preferred lover, and the one she doesn't like, the pushy Count Whatshisname). I can't begin to imagine what Catherine Moreland found so romantic about this book (though I'm so glad that Jane Austen decided to write a parody).


wav to mp3 said...

I agree on Harper's Island, didn't like it either. But Tudors are great, I'm absolutely in love with the main hero:)

Anonymous said...

I have the same overall impressions, and Harper's Island is a pleasure to watch when you just want to relax a bit and get distracted - this is what I sometimes do once I have added it to my youtube to mp3 converter list.