Thursday, March 4, 2010

AI Season 9- Top 20 Elimination

We open with a montage of tears, anxiety, criticism. Drama. Is. American. Idol.

Randy is wearing a sweater made out bits of red and gray leftover fabric. Ellen has a gray and black vest over a black shirt. Kara's hair is a huge improvement over last night's. Too bad she's wearing a metallic leather top.

The group sing is I Got a Feeling. It's finger snappin' nonsense (either that or I'm just too old). Outside of the fact that Katelyn is sufferring from a pretty serious case of static cling, they look like they're having fun.
Too bad my ears aren't.

Since the guys sang first, they're up for elimination first. Ryan has the back row stand. Tim has a bit of stubble. Safe stubble. Ryan calls Todrick next, so I figure he's safe. Hmmmmm.... not so fast. Michael and his great smile are safe. Since Kara spurned Casey, there's no need for him to wear his hair loose and pretty- it's tied back tonight. Tied back safely. So it's between Todrick and John, with John losing out. His singout is lovely, and I do like his voice. I hope he finds a way to follow his dream.

Whoa, and we're going right to the second elimination of the night. The front row stands up: Lee, in a black leather jacket, stares straight ahead as Ryan declares him safe. Aaron, in a black leather jacket, is safe. Alex, contrarian in Fair Isle, is also safe, which means it's between Andrew and Jermaine. Andrew is wearing...wait for it...a black leather jacket. The Onesie Kid brought The Crazy with Mr. Spock hair, a white satin bow tie, wrist warmers, and a translucent print shirt. Whew- Jermaine is going home, and I like his version of What's Goin' On about as much as I did the first time around. Andrew lucked out, and he'd better step up his game if he wants to make it to the tour.

Tonight's Former Idol Guest is Danny Gokey, wearing... a black leather jacket... and really stupid glasses. I always did like his voice, and this new song is a foot tapper. I assumed that the obnoxious emphasis on the Dead Wife was the show's decision, not his. He destroys that theory by bringing it up himself, and then he talks for hours and hours and hours. Shut up, Danny.

So it's time for the Ladies. In the back row Lilly, in a sleeveless denim vest and diamond print nylons, is safe. Paige, all sparkles and ruffles and huge heart earrings, is safe. Katie, wearing a tuxedo jacket over sparkles, is safe. So it's Didi and Michelle. Let's face it- neither one is going to win, so it really doesn't matter, though I'm quietly pleased that Didi got a reprieve. Michelle still sounds bad, but she's pretty cute in her white shortie jacket and 12' legs.

In the front row, Katelyn is dressed like a curtain. She and her oversized feather earrings are safe. Crystal, in Great Aunt Gertrude's cardigan and house-dress, is safe (yes!). Siobhan, with a flower in her hair, and cut-off shorts over tights, is safe. So it's between Lacey and Haeley. Haeley is wearing lots of fringe, and Lacey listened to what I said last night about her clothes. Simon says that it's obvious which one is going home, which I assume to mean Lacey. Oh... maybe it's not so obvious after all. Goodbye Haeley- you do have a good voice, but the show did you no favors putting you through at this age. The stress is getting to her- she sounds far worse than she did last night, and the other girls are weeping openly. Get a few years under your belt Haeley, and then try again (not this show, music).

So John, Jermaine, Michelle and Haeley go home- I can't argue with any of them. If we eliminate Todrick, and one of the Cute Boys (Aaron, Tim, or Alex), Lacey and probably Didi (though I'd rather lose Katelyn or Paige) next week, we'll have us a competition.

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Neuroknitter said...

Great recap! I figured it would be Haeley, but Lacey is close on her heels. I felt so bad for Haeley when she was trying to cry through her tears.