Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Downside of Rising Temps, other stuff

Yeah, it's warmer, but I wouldn't exactly call it Spring.
On the other hand- do you see that? That tinge of green? Maybe it's coming after all.

It's been a busy week, with real life and work interfering with work (you'd be amazed at how much *stop doing that and do this instead* there is in writing a book), but today, I'm finishing up the sweater that I cast on a week ago, Friday. 9 days from start to finish (well, maybe I shouldn't be patting myself on the back just yet, because the sleeves aren't attached, nor are the buttons. And it has to be washed and blocked. But for all intents and purposes...)

As I worked, I finished watching Harper's Island, which was cheesy fun from beginning to end. I probably wouldn't have guessed Whodunit until closer to the final curtain, except that I happened to glance down a page when I was searching for links to post, and caught a spoiler. But it was still fun. Terribly written, and not acted well, but worth watching anyway. I also finished up Season 3 of The Tudors. Since we're pretending that Henry was still young and handsome by the time he married Anne of Cleves (if not quite as virile), I guess I can pretend that Joss Stone is so unimaginably ugly that Henry would be repulsed on sight. But it's hard- she's certainly better looking than Katharine Howard (and loads smarter). On the other hand, Anne came out of her marriage with a solid fortune and her head. So woohoo for being smelly and unattractive. And while we're pretending, it's far too late to try to convince me that Cromwell was anything but a power-mad maniac. He presided over the torture and deaths of too many enemies (a fair number of them innocent, just in his way) for me to feel sorry for him at the end, even if his execution was a horribly botched affair.

Next up, whenever it arrives, the latest season of Big Love.

But first, I have to sew some sleeves.

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