Friday, March 19, 2010

Without a paddle

Though only crazy folks would get on Turtle Creek (or any of the area waterways), even with a paddle, right now.
I took pics yesterday, but they were rendered moot by the water level today. Frog Girl and I put boots on and tromped out this morning to take these shots (it's a stitch of 3 pictures). The water is up a good 3' from yesterday, and easily 15' above the normal level.

Remember this:

The water is well above the snowline now.
The Hub and I drove around yesterday, to look at the high water.
Conclusion: there's a lot of high water

Cemetary Dam is under there somewhere.

And the ice hasn't all melted yet. These chunks came off Cottonwood Lake.

My town is experiencing flooding in the low-lying areas, and many country roads are under water, but many people are having more trouble with sewer backup from the overflow. We're okay, but many are going to have a mess when the water finally recedes. However, other areas have it much worse, and no one is actually surprised. We knew all that snow had to go someplace.

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DragonsChest said...

Just a bit of a coincidence: I live in Turtle Creek Edition. LOL!