Tuesday, March 9, 2010

AI Season 9- Top 16 Girls' Performance

The Ladies are back on Tuesday, and we have no time to dilly-dally except for a brief moment with Ellen (in blue checks with a striped tie) nuzzling the newly engaged Simon. Randy is in wide black and white stripes (and he's wearing the same bead necklace he's worn on every episode so far). Kara is impersonating Jewel Secret Barbie.

Pretty Katie, in a taffeta jacket, blotchy knit pants, and heels, is foolishly attempting to sing Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway. I used to think that Diana DeGarmo was robotic, but she has nothing on our Katie, whose disconnect from the song could not be more complete. On the other hand, it's unfair of the judges to slam her for being young and inexperienced when they're the ones who put her in the Top 24 in the first place.

Ryan announces that Siobhan is going to sing House of the Rising Sun. This oughta be interesting. Siobhan is wearing a totally cute black short jacket with satin print lapels over a red dress with a peplum. She looks good enough that I'm willing to overlook the head flower. She begins with an a capella opening and then segues into a soft jazzy arrangement. This is different, and lovely. She found the proper balance between changing it without changing it too much.

Lacy is wearing a leopard print cardigan over a gold metallic vest over a pink top over jeans over pink heels. Her hair is still aggressively red and purposely messy, but her makeup is great. She's sitting on the edge of the stage and singing The Story. I'm not entirely sure what to think about this. It is not at all to my taste, but I can hear that it's a good performance.

Moving right along, Katelyn has foofy hair, a short strappy 60's style jumper over a purple top with a deeply scooped neckline, and a huge dove necklace. She's singing Carole King's I Feel the Earth Move while standing at a keyboard, and this is karaoke at it's worst. Also, she messed up the lyrics.

I am firm in my belief that there is never a need for one-sleeved garments, especially one-shouldered, one-sleeved salmon dresses worn with boots and dark nylons. However, Didi is nailing the important stuff- Rhiannon. Her version is perfect for her voice: plaintive, and lovely, and just a bit odd. Well done, Didi, and a huge improvement over last week.

So Smile was written by Charlie Chaplin, eh? Paige is wearing a black spangly cardigan and a silvery top over a black skirt with odd lumps and ridges in the area of the hips. Oh- it's pleated leather. The skirt is either cut really badly, or far too small because the pleats are all pooched out. And the singing? Well... it's awful. Too slow. Too tentative. Way too many bad notes. It's absolutely the wrong choice, which Paige will probably get to sing this again on Thursday.

Omigod, Crystal is going to sing Tracy Chapman's Give Me One Reason. She's wearing a nice black dress, a leather belt with a cool buckle jewel (topaz?), pants and boots. She's playing an electric guitar, and wailing. I love everything about this and have to restrain myself from giving Crystal a Standing O right here in my living room. Woohoo, Simon agrees with me.

Ryan says that Lilly is going to sing Patsy Cline. As we go to commercial, The Hub and I discuss the possibilities: Crazy (too iconic), Walkin' After Midnight (nah), and settle on Sweet Dreams. There is that Princess Bride Albino resemblance about Lilly, though I am pretty sure he would never tend to The Machine while wearing scrunchies as earrings. Oho- she's doing I Fall to Pieces. And oh my, this doesn't work at all. The arrangement is odd, and there are lots of wonky notes. Everything that worked for Didi is working against Lilly here.

Note to Kara: Patsy Cline is timeless. She doesn't need AI to make her current.

I don't think there has ever been an episode with less filler- good job Ryan.

Who's going home: Paige for sure, and then either Katelyn, Lilly, or Katie.

Best of the night: Crystal (are you surprised?), Siobhan and Didi

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Russ said...

I agree completely about Crystal...winning idol would be bad for her...I am hoping she does some Janis Joplin... I love Crystal..and she is not main stream enough for idol. Maxine