Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cruise- Arriving in Freeport

I found one more Nassau picture- this is the infamous Fish Fry, the one we almost killed ourselves getting to on foot. Good thing that the food was marvelous.

Everyone had to be back on the ship and accounted for by 4:30 pm (we had to log in and out with our ID cards), in order to set sail again at 5pm.

I snapped a shot of this pretty ship through our stateroom window. I love the painting.

We sailed through the night, arriving in Freeport, on Grand Bahama Island, around 6:30am the next morning. I was up and out on the deck (Newsflash: it's still hot at 6:30am in The Bahamas- the wind is never cool, at least not in July).
 Sunrise was gorgeous, though.

The harbor in Freeport is far more industrial than the Nassau harbor.

But it's still a tropical paradise.

A slip for a ship, but not for ours.

Evidently, they refine (or store) oil in Freeport.

Lots of cranes.

We drew up to our slip, perpendicular to it and straddling the opening. Note that I was not the only early bird on deck.

And then with the guidance of a little tugboat, the ship swung around, nose first and glided to the dock. It was fascinating, and maybe a little nerve wracking, to watch.

Cranes in the daylight.

A view back over the ship, showing the Lido Deck (with the pool). I was up on the Verandah, the floor over the breakfast/lunch room.

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