Saturday, August 24, 2013

Michigan- Gilmore Car Museum Part 1

I had an extra day off from teaching (not enough students signed up for the class that day, so it was canceled) (I knew that well in advance- it wasn't a surprise move, MFF is too classy for that). Brother in law Rick suggested we visit the Gilmore Car Museum, which was about a half hour from Hastings.

I'm not a big car enthusiast (I didn't get my drivers licence until I was 34), but The Hub is, and I'm always up for visiting a museum, so we went. And man, am I glad we did. This place is amazing- building after building after building of amazing (and incredibly expensive) restored and unrestored vintage cars. We wandered for 3 hours, and could have spent more time. The displays were beautifully staged, the cars sparkled and shone, and each car had an info plaque with the sort of stats that made The Hub's heart go pitty-pat.

I'm not going to try to explain anything (I don't know a Rolls from a Bently anyway), I'll just post pics (half today, half tomorrow)- let yourself bask in the glory of chrome.

 Okay- one comment: I want fingernail polish in that pumpkin color

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Nancy D said...

That turquoise/white car is a Metropolitan. My mom had a black/white one and it was great. The upright part of the back seat could be unlocked and folded down to give access to the trunk. We once put long curtain rods in that way, and as we kept feeding them in, a man watching us became increasingly puzzled. We assumed that maybe he was waiting for someone to pop out and yell, "You're on Candid Camera!"