Friday, August 9, 2013

Michigan Day 1- On the road

Yesterday, I had my nails redone (the red was starting to chip). I'm all sparkledy now, and rather enjoying this whole manicure thing.

We were up early this morning, as per the usual Taylor MO.

We stopped for breakfast at a local eatery... Cruise Ships aren't the only ones who serve great food, in large quantities.

Then we hit the road.

I saw this particularly pretty roadside park just over the Minnesota border.

We drove across the state without incident (though not without a few bad words- I've ridden in Chicago and Los Angeles... and I think the worst drivers are in Minnesota. They weave in and out of traffic constantly, rarely leaving more than a half of a car length when they cut in... and yeah, I know there are bad drivers everywhere, even in South Dakota, but man... we see a lot of them in Minnesota).

We knew we were in Wisconsin because the roadsides were dotted with signs that simply proclaimed CHEESE or BEER. Unfortunately, I managed never to have my camera out at the right time. I'll try to catch one on the way back.

Instead of socks, my road knitting is Hitchhiker #2, worked with a cone of 50/50 wool/silk. It's coming along well. This pattern really is a good road-knitting project, it's nearly mindless, and there are no heels.

We made it to Madison, WI in good enough time- early enough to enjoy a nice supper

but late enough to feel like it was a good stopping time. We'll make it Hastings, MI around mid-afternoon tomorrow. I don't teach until next Wednesday and Friday, so we have a few days for relaxation and relative-visiting first.

 It's good to know that cruise ships aren't the only towel-animal experts. The Hampton in does them too.

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