Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Michigan- Gilmore Car Museum Part 2

It wasn't all cars at the Gilmore Car Museum.

 There were also displays of period clothing. Check out the beading on this beautiful flapper dress.

 Ladies had very small feet in the 20's.

 From a catalog

Good advice...

Turn your Model A into a tractor with this kit

 I didn't get a picture of the cases and cases of hood ornaments, but they were amazing.

This was a toy car, a functioning toy car. For a child. In 1909.

Check out the price!

There was a whole building of pedal cars.

There's no perspective in this shot, but the Pepsi bottle and burger are miniatures. The set came with the pedal car.

This is an actual, functioning, full-size diner. The chocolate malt was delicious.

I'm sure we'll go back next time we're in Michigan- the displays rotate, and they were working on another whole building for the collection.

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