Saturday, August 3, 2013

Cruise- Sea Day 1

I've already realized that I can't fit an entire day into a single post. I'll save all of the Fibery things for a single post-so much wonderful stuff (and the reason I was on the ship in the first place) and around forty wonderful Fiber Folks along for the fun. It was amazing, but all of that deserves a dedicated post.

So, every evening, the staff turns down your bed and leaves chocolates on your pillow, and makes a towel animal (which will get a dedicated post too). They also leave a flyer explaining the next day's activities.
 The front cover shows the date, and the destination (in this case, a full day at sea), plus the sunrise and sunset times.

On the back, lots of interesting info.

 On the inside, enough activities to keep everyone busy all day. I taught on our sea days, so I wasn't able to join any of the activities, but the ship was a hoppin', all the time.

I meant to go to the play one evening, but never made it. I hear it was good (both versions, The British Invasion, and the Motown Version). I did manage some shopping, and I had a free afternoon after being on shore, so I ventured up to the Spa for a manicure (pictures later).

 A timeline of everything happening.

And the times for the various dining rooms. I ate breakfast in the Windows on the Sea buffet every morning (except once- the main dining room didn't open early enough for me to eat there on teaching days). DeeAnn and I opted for the early dining in the Celebration Room, and were generally there promptly at 5:45. We didn't realize that the rest of the Fibery Folk had opted for the other dining room, so we weren't able to eat with any of them. I hear they were a wonderfully wild crowd.

I'm an early riser, and it was kind of nice, being in the Windows on the Sea early in the morning, I had the place mostly to myself. But the buffet was huge- all kinds of foods (plus eggs and omelettes made to order), plus a dozen kinds of breads and rolls, cereal, yogurt, fruit, and breakfast meats, plus coffee, milk, juice, etc. There was always lots and lots of food, in unlimited quantities. At lunch, there was a whole table of just desserts. And an ice cream machine. Again, unlimited.

Early morning, out on the deck, looking up at a lifeboat. It was always hot and thick- even at night. There were no cool breezes, though it wasn't too hot in the mornings (it got plenty hot later).

Sunrise on the Atlantic- not as many colors as sunrise on the prairie (though Red Sky at Morning is not a good sign at sea). Those are clouds on the horizon, not land and trees. BTW- this was my first ocean sunrise. I was, previously, a Pacific Only Girl, which features sunsets (at least from our vantage point- I'm sure they see both in Hawaii).

Sunrise, video version.

Beautiful cobalt blue Atlantic. Our wake, from the aft deck.

The first At Sea Day was also Elegant Dining Day. DeeAnn and I came prepared with dresses.

And if I say so myself, we look mighty fine. And Sassy.

And oh, the food in the dining room. The staff waits on you, hand and foot. I can't say that I ever wished for someone to place a napkin on my lap, but that happened every evening. And once again, there were unlimited quantities of amazing foods- warm breads, appetizers, entrees, and desserts. A list of available-every-day things, and then new items each day. It was often hard to choose, and many did not- they had several of each. We were good, and limited ourselves to one of each, but man... it was all so delicous. One evening, I had alligator fritters for my appetizer (I'll do a separate food post too).

In the evenings, we usually just went back to our room and read, but there were many many evening activities for those who didn't poop out right at sundown. We slept each night to the gentle rocking of the ship (smooth seas all but the very last day at sea, and even that one wasn't bad, maybe 5' swells). I had no trouble with motion sickness, thank goodness.

So tomorrow (or later today, if I get ambitious), Fibery Fun!

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