Thursday, April 10, 2014

Live Blogged AI Season 13 Top 7-8 Elimination 04-10-14

Here we are again, live blogging American Idol. I rather liked how it went last night, and I may just live blog from now on.

We open with audio clips from each finalist's audition. Ryan looks a little worse for the wear, in an open collar dark shirt and dark suit. It's possible that HCJ's shenanigans last night aged him a decade or two.

We see 80's pics of the judges, which are a hoot. JLo is wearing a very simple but glam white sheath with a very scooped neckline. Her hair is in a sleek ponytail. The guys look like the guys and I'm glad to see that Keith is not sporting a mullet tonight.

The kids smile on the couch, except for Sam, who looks like he is going to throw up soon. The post show discussion centers on Keith's hair and HCJ's hyperness. Am I surprised that Sam didn't know who Ricky Nelson was? (Answer: no)

There's Randy Jackson... sigh... The Fordmercial is a game of Would You Rather and the kids playing When The Saints Go Marching In. It's not awful and it's not good. Sort of like all Fordmercials.

Ryan calls Caleb (all black), CJ  (jeans and a shirt),  Dexter (backwards hat), and Jessica (purple jeans, black jacket) down. Caleb is safe, no surprise there. Jessica is safe too. Caleb and Jessica are both happy about that. CJ knew that he was in the bottom before Dexter was called safe.

Next up are Sam (striped shirt), Alex(blue chambray) Malaya (red and blue and yellow cool cardigan and frayed denim shorts), and Jena (white tee with skulls). Alex is safe first. Jena is safe. Also a very surprised Sam, who'd best be checking out those You Tube videos.

It's starting to sound like there will be only one elimination tonight, which is not the usual MO on the week after a Judge Save, but this show likes to drive us crazy, so who knows.

Malaya is hyper as usual, CJ, looks very anxious. The lights are dimmed, and the PERSON who will leave is Malaya. Person, singular. Only one elimination. Hmmmm....

Anyway, I like Malaya but she needs seasoning. I feel bad for her, she's trying to put a brave face on , but she's having a hard time. JLo is crying too. In a few years and Malaya will be ready for the big time. I wish her well.

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