Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Malabrigo Cruise- Last On Board

Last sunset

 Last docking, at Ft. Lauderdale

 Last onboard panorama

Last gathering of cruise ships

Last on board sunrise

Last cruise selfie

Every day, we got a flyer with a listing of activities and special events. There were sales and shows all day, every day. Anything marked with a $ meant that extra money was needed, but as you can see, the majority of activities were free.

Our room was Level 7, Forward, Port (I think- I'm not good at left and right). The elevator by the Starbucks Kiosk got me there the quickest (and yes, that's how I remembered it).

They want you to spend money in port.

Lots and lots of money.
I did.
There's no way around it- disembarkation is a pain. After a week of being waited on hand and foot, having everything done for you, it's really quite a shock to be thrown back into carrying your own luggage and waiting in line and standing for a long time and going through customs. People whine. They complain. They're cranky. And that wasn't just me. We managed to forget what real life was like in just one week.

We opted for a late disembarkation because neither of us were flying out on Sunday. We had another full day, so we figured we'd give those who had to hurry a chance to get organized and off the ship. We were up and ready early, but not off the boat (yeah, I said boat...) until around 11:30am. It was hot and busy (folks were arriving to embark as well), and the motel shuttle was slow, so we took a cab. That was a good idea- getting away from the port itself relieved a lot of stress- as I mentioned a couple of blog posts ago, the only pier without shops and entertainment was in the US. They might want to think about adding some, it would help with the general crankiness, I think.

The vacation wasn't done yet- we had Ft. Lauderdale adventures too... on dry land...

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