Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Obligatory Food Post

For some reason, I felt like doing the Food Post first this time... maybe because I'm really hungry right now...

 Room service at my first motel before the cruise.

  I had one of these olive basil foccacia/tomato/mozarella sandwiches for lunch almost every sea day.

The Cupcake House was a favorite- Orange Dreamcicle and Turtle

Shrimp Artichoke Dip appetizer. As before, the food was amazing. And plentiful.

Duck (half of one, no less)

I don't remember what this was- maybe fish in phyllo dough. It was good.

More cupcakes- this one Cinnamon Apple

Not sure what this is either, but it was good (except for the onion)

Char-broiled Salmon Burger from Blackbeard's Castle on St. Thomas

  More yum
  Lamb chops

Crab Cakes

Lobster! Also: shrimp!

Turkey slices with apple dressing

Conch Fritters at a wonderful canal-front Marina in Ft. Lauderdale

Fish fingers from the same marina.

Now I need to go eat lunch!


Susan Stark said...

:) I am starving and everything looks amazing. What cruise line was this? LOVE the amazing photography! I am cruising vicariously through you. :)

Kathleen Taylor said...

The ship was Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas, and the food was amazing. But I will say that the food was equally good on the Carnival cruise I took last July. Cruise food rocks!