Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Malabrigo Cruise- At Sea Days

Our last two full cruise days were at sea, traveling back from St. Maarten to Ft. Lauderdale. During each of those days, I taught workshops and classes, but was free in the evenings. There are more social activities on a cruise ship than anyone can try in 10 cruises back to back, but Deeann and I ended up not doing any of them. After supper with most of the knitting cruisers (some opted for a different dining time) with lots of laughter and a great deal of very good food, we mostly just wandered back to our room and read or checked Facebook, or yakked a bit, or called home. In other words, we went to sleep early. As much as I might have enjoyed the on-board shows (Chicago, the diving exhibition, ice skating, bars with live music) and the Casino, I'm not sorry I stayed in. We had a wonderful time. The seas were calm, the company wonderful, and the knitting was, as always, great fun. I thank Lisa Mackey of Friends and Fiberworks in Asheville, and Mara Hargarther of Cruise One, and Tobias and the rest of the folks from Malabrigo, and the Taunton staff, for providing goodies and prizes and lovely things for all of us. It was a trip to remember.

 We didn't get a towel animal every day, but we loved them when they did show up.

Though I think this fellow looks a little anxious about being hung up.

Our stateroom was roomy and comfortable enough for both of us. I only found out later that the couch also folded out to make a bed (for traveling families, I suppose).

The bathroom was also big enough.

An at-sea sunrise from my table in the Windjammer, where I ate breakfast, and where I left my red hoodie sweatshirt (which was returned to me the next morning from lost and found).

I did love wandering early in the morning, before everyone else got up.

I just liked the reflections in this shot. If you look carefully, you can see me, taking this picture.

 The Promenade was quiet early in the morning too.

Looking down on a quiet Central Park.

But I'm already Big...

And of course, there was Malabrigo yarn and roving to be had!

I started this hat when I was teaching knitting back backwards and making bobbles the easy way. I've worked on it since- it's nearly done.

Ready for formal night!

The dining room was lovely.

Sandy and Ellen applauding the amazing dining room staff.

I spent a late afternoon or two up in the Solarium, reading.

And an occasional evening stroll, watching the passing cruise ships.

Have I said it was all wonderful? It really really was.

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