Thursday, April 17, 2014

Live Blogged AI Season 13 Top 7 Elimination 04-17-14

So live blogging again. This could become a habit.

Parks and Recreation ran over, so I missed the beginning of last night's recap, which was barely worth watching the first time. I should have stayed with Leslie Knope to the very end.

Oh! Kevin Bacon! Did I ever tell you all that I'm just two degrees from Kevin Bacon? (that is if KB himself counts as one, otherwise, I'm just one degree away).

Ryan is wearing his navy blue suit tonight, with a white shirt and black tie. Or maybe, like Prince William, he has a closet full of them. JLo is wearing a very very mini dress that looks like it's made of some heavy Chanel-adjacent fabric, and thigh-high boots. JLo looks very 60's tonight, with her hair in a sort of swoopy updo. Keith is wearing a black tee shirt with a red cross- in honor of Easter? Harry is in a suit too.

Last night's post-show involved toasting with water glasses. Sam mentions Alex's pee dance, and Harry seemed ill. I am surprised that Jena likes Demi Lovato... she seems better than that (Jena, I mean).

The kids are lined up on stage and Ryan wears a fedora. It looks dumb on him too. The Fordmercial is about the revamped mustang and what the kids would do if they had one. My guess is that at least two of them will get to find out on the finale.

Alex in a pale blue striped summer shirt, Dexter in a backwards cap and tan jacket, and Jena in a long sleeved chambray shirt and some gold chains, are called down first. First saved is Jena, who is very happy. And Alex is safe. I would have thought that all three were safe, but nope. Dexter is in the bottom two.

Is this Dexter's first time in the bottom?

CJ in Grandpa's ratty old brown tweed sweater and fedora, Sam in a blue on blue raglan tee, Jessica with her hair pulled back and a short-sleeved black leather jacket and red pants, and Caleb in a black velvet jacket are called down next. Caleb is safe first. CJ is also safe, to everyone's surprise. And finally, Sam is safe. Sam is surprised, Jessica is not. Jessica is not pretending to smile.

And the one going home is.... Dexter! Whoa. I'm not sorry because I think he peaked long ago. But I am surprised. I fully expected Jessica to hit the road. Well, next week, probably.

I don't dislike Dexter, I just don't care for the music he likes. I hope he finds success. And I hope his sad mama feels better soon too.

Man, I like half-hour shows.

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