Thursday, April 17, 2014

Malabrigo Cruise- Last days in Ft. Lauderdale

I couldn't get a flight out the day after we docked in Ft. Lauderdale, so we ended up staying an entire extra day. We didn't do anything but collapse once we finally got into our room on Sunday (folks were returning from cruises and leaving for cruises all at the same time- the lobby and shuttles were chaotic, and when this motel said that check-in was at 3pm, they weren't kidding. We had several really exhausting hours to kill). We walked across the street for supper at Chipotle and then conked out early.

A street sign I'm not apt to see any time soon...

Our first motel was far nicer, but this one had a good pool.

Neither DeeAnn nor I intended to drive anywhere in Florida, so mostly we expected just to sit around for our last pitiful day in sunny Florida. But my old classmate Colleen came to our rescue. I've known Colleen since the 6th grade, but we hadn't seen each other in person for decades. She lived nearby, so on Monday she drove over and took us to the most marvelous little canal marina restaurant for lunch.

The Bahia Cabana is attached to a motel/resort/canal. The entrance was entrancing.

 We got a waterside table, and commenced to watching the many many boats.

Lovely Colleen, our hostess and guide!

If we had had longer in Ft. Lauderdale, we might have been tempted to ride on this one.

The food was wonderful, and the atmosphere fantastic.

More boats (I'm pretty sure I'm okay in calling these boats rather than ships).

  Rubber biscuit?
Oh, those sculpted black pants? In the sunshine? They're hot. Almost blistering hot.

I never knew that such a thing as revolving plastic toilet seat covers existed.

After lunch, Colleen drove us to a fairly secluded beach. I have no idea who the owner of the bent-over backside is. I'm sure she's happy not to be named.

The ocean sound was amazing. This was my first time putting my toes into the Atlantic, and I loved it. The sand on this beach was grainier than on the Caribbean beaches, for whatever that's worth.

It was windy.

DeeAnn always looks great in the water.

One last view of the beautiful Atlantic.

And one last afternoon of adventure in Florida.

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